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Book Review ~ That Thing About You : Abhaidev

Name - That Thing About You
Author - Abhaidev
Pages - 229 pages
Format - Paperback
Rating - ★★★★

The story revolves around the protagonist Subodh, an IT employee who is found immature by everyone but he isn't bothered until his love interest rejects him citing the same. Soon his life goes through a lot of unexpected turns when he befriends an unusual mysterious woman on a trip who knows everything about him and seems to have all answers.

What happened on a trip? Who is this woman and how she knows about him?

This book surprised me in a good way. The storyline is unique. He is rejected by his love and suddenly embarks on a journey which turns his world upside down. A woman, he met for the first knows everything about him, more of which is revealed in the story if one reads. The book will give you a ray of hope when you are facing the situation like existential crisis. Don't want to spoil more, let's move from here! 😅
The pace of the book is gripping…
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Monsoon Cravings ~ Rain Special Blog #BirthdayBlogTrain

Monsoon is one such season which is loved by everyone. Fresh air, breezy days, cloudy skies and muddy aroma. And as the dark clouds roll in, we got some enormous cravings as well.

So, lets relish some delicious delicacies from kitchens across the country which are loved by everyone...

Kachori-JalebiDeep-fried, carbs...the kachori and jalebi are guilty on all counts. The kachori filling varies - onion, green peas, a spicy lentil or potato mix are some favourites in North India. And the jalebi - a fried syrupy snack - hot and crispy from kadhai, is a perfect ending to kachori indulgence.

BhuttaMonsoons are incomplete without getting caught in the rain and relishing some charcoal roasted bhutta with a drizzle of salt and lime. The crunch of that will make the perfect and comfortable setting on windy and rainy days.

Garam adrak chaiNothing is more typically monsoon than rain soaked hair and kadak chai with extra adrak. It will also protect you with the sneezes that you got from soaked shower…

Book Review : One Monsoon in Mumbai ~ Anitha Perinchery

Title - One Monsoon in Mumbai Author - Anitha Perinchery 
Pages - 307 Pages
Genre - Rom/Com, Thriller, Suspense
Format - Kindle

A perfect romantic comedy to chill in this hot summer. This is author's debut book and she has sculptured the story like bollywood movie. The female protagonist was not only charming and beautiful but also very bold and dauntless in her own sense.

This story is about a girl Seema Rawat who did pick pocketing in childhood but now is an undercover spy, working for the Intelligence Bureau. She is assigned a mission by her aunt - Madhu to unravel corruption on part of the Finance Minister who happens to be her boyfriend’s father.

Boyfriend and minister's son Adith Verma is a dashing and handsome guy. He is a graduate from IIT Mumbai and is well aware of his father’s schemes and his contribution to corruption. However, Adith wants to be a clean politician and make a difference.

Another guy Vikram Joshi has anger management issues and a family that doesn’t …

Book Review : Where Will Man Take Us ~ Atul Jalan

This is the first non fiction book I've ever read. It explores the dynamics of the technology, how it's reinventing us, as a society and as a species. This book took my outlook to a whole new level, with topics ranging from artificial intelligence to quantum physics, genetics and nanotechnology being woven together into a contemporary and compelling narrative on the trajectory of human evolution. But, we are also forced to ask ourselves some serious questions - what is it to be human, what is self awareness, what is is consciousness etc.

The book consists of 5 sections. Each section is divided into many chapters in which author talked about the topics I've mentioned above and its impact on the society. It's started with evolution of species and moved to technology. How man made it and how it reinventing the man and other generation.

We love interpreting trends, looking at the changes that are happening around us to figure the flow of the world, life and our selves. The p…

A Letter to my Bookstagram ~ #TheBookBlogTrain

"And suddenly you know... it's time to start something newand trust the magic of beginnings."

Dear theintrovertbibliophile,
It's been exactly 4 months today since we are together and I'm glad you came into my life like a surprise and the journey has been amazing since then.
You know, I am reading books for a very long time but never had anyone to discuss them, how one feels whenever they finish some book and had no idea what to do next! But then, I stumbled upon some bookish profiles which gave me a boost up of why not to make one separate bookish account..!
After learning a bit about bookstagram, you finally came into existence on Jan 28, 2019 and since then, there was no looking back. We made many bibliophile friends, you introduced me to the new books, authors, various book clubs, buddy reading and yes, giveaways which just made me so happy and exhilarated. In short, you introduced me to a whole new world! 😍😍 
Though sometimes, you give me hard time too like, rea…

My favorite books by Penguin India - #TheBookBlogTrain

Hello Friends!

Yes. I am again the part of #TheBookBlogTrain. Season 1 was damn good. I started my journey of writing blogs from there and it was obvious for me to return to the base and participate in Season 2 as well! :)

Here, you can read my Season 1 blog - "Top 5 favorite authors"

And here I go!

Books play an important role in readers life. It changes one's perspective about life, about own self. They will expand your mind and may change your way to live. I am reading books since Class 3 and now, it's a practise that I follow religiously. It was difficult for me to select most favorite books as I love all of them. But, I have to do it, so here they are...

5 favorite books from Penguin India are :


This was the first book I have ever read of her. My friends recommended read this to me and I'm glad they did. The book is about a Syrian Christian fami…

Book Review : A Girl, A Stolen Camera And A Borrowed Bike ~ Nikhil Singh Shaurya

Tons of people dream about leaving their jobs to travel, and while that semi permanent vacation can often be exactly what you've imagined, you're guaranteed to encounter a few surprises! 😉

"A Girl, a stolen camera and a borrowed bike" is story of a girl #Sonali. She is bubbly, a med grad and is on a trip to Goa with her friends. In between, she discovers a camera that redefines her life and reshapes her journey.
Other narrative of the girl's exploration in the book is about #Jai that passes by on the borrowed bike. Who is he? Is it a quest to know about him or the quest to discover her own self?

My Review :

In this book there is so much hidden gems which keeps your enthusiasm so high to your life and also gives a bright perspective towards how to become oneself as a adventure traveler and living a passionate life.
Sonali, the protagonist of this book gives an insightful and highly influential message through her journey. Just a single trip makes a series of l…