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Book Review : That Night Under the Stars ~ Alka Dimri Saklani

Name - That Night Under the Stars Author - Alka Dimri Saklani Pages - 114 pages Genre - Fiction Format - Kindle Human nature is complex for a anyone to understand. What shade of a person may show up at what time is something that can never be predicted by anyone. “That Night Under The Stars: An Enemies to Lovers Romance” by Alka Dimri Saklani is one example where the author explores the manner in which the emotions of a person can change towards the other and also, how personal and professional fronts have to be balanced keeping all this in mind. The book is a simple yet complicated story of three protogonists Shaurya, Tanvi and Arya. It is narrated by Tanvi itself, who is a successful lawyer. Shaurya is a renowned doctor and the husband of Arya. He mentally tortured his wife by doubting her character and threw Arya out of his house. The story starts with Arya sitting in Tanvi's office. She is ready to fight for Arya and get her a divorce from her abusive husband, and can do any
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Book Review : Winter Poems ~ Sabarna Roy

Name - Winter Poems Author - Sabarna Roy Pages - 62 pages Genre - Poetry Format - Kindle Edition As the title says itself, the book is a collection of different poems highlight various aspects of life and death. The poems are mainly inspired by the mild season that prevails in Kolkata portraying myriad shades of humans. Some of these deals with imaginations of death and home while others with the idea of loss and coming to terms with gradual wasting of life. I really loved reading this book. Every poem is different from each other yet connected with each other in an unusual way. The writer talks about everything, the valleys, winter, complex human relations and foremost important death. The way he describes death, the parting with each other, that line makes us sad but it's beautiful as well. One of the poem related to death that literally shook me was ~ "They forgot to put my body on fire, on freshly chopped logs of wood, oil crackling and boiling".

Book Review : Gone In A Blink ~ Richa Sambhy Mediratta

Title - Gone In A Blink Author - Richa Sambhy Mediratta Pages - 276 pages Genre - Thriller, Mystery Format - Kindle Edition 🔖 Book Title The title ignites curiosity. Whatever happened, it happened in a blink. You don't have any control over yourself but situation does control you. . . 🔖 Book Cover It looks like a girl is running for her life. Running away from all the problems that are after her. Before it starts engulfing her, she try to save herself from it. . . 🔖 Plot The thief is unstoppable. It seems to me that he’s invisible! How can he keep robbing in broad daylight, and still not leave a clue? No wonder the police are going around in circles and not getting anywhere. The worst part is, I’ve become the target now! Off late, I’ve been getting into “accidents” that I can’t explain. I know my life is in on the line but who will believe me? I have no evidence to prove it! Thank God, my best friends, Jai and Nirvaan, are by my side. W

Book Review : Duorb ~ Kavya Saroja and Shanmuga Boopathy

After years I have read a Sci-fi book and I must say, this is the best beginning of 2020 with this kind of book. The blurb of this book enticed me and coaxed me to read the entire book! Title - Duorb Author - Kavya Saroja and Shanmuga Boopathy Pages - 256 pages Genre - Scientific Fiction, Suspense, Thriller Format - Kindle Ratings - ✰✰✰✰ Before telling about the review I would like to throw light on what 'Duorb' really is. It means two worlds and DuOrbian would be a person who can travel between two worlds, more like a parallel universe while sleeping. This all is created and the thought behind is of Kate's father John who is major part of the book. Talking about the blurb, the protagonist loves his job and lives life on his own terms. One day he finds himself in middle of nowhere. Not having a clue about his whereabouts, he is in constant fear of imminent death. Slowly he adapts to the environment and start enjoying it, meet new people and surprisingly find

Developing Reading Habits In Students ~ #DecemberDelights

Hola people! A very Merry Christmas in advance to all! 🎅 Holiday season is fast approaching and December promises a whole lot of festive fun with Christmas and New Year celebrations happening at the same. There is no better time than the present to start planning for the upcoming holiday season. Coming to the blog, I really have no idea when I inculcated the habit of reading. One day randomly I visited my school library, picked up a book of Enid Blyton and started reading it. Though the period was of only 30 mins, but those 30 mins turned my world upside down. I daily spent 1 hour there in library and started reading random books and finally got addicted to it. I have now my own bookshelf with lots and lots and lots of books! 😏 I have no clues that how one can develop habit in a person. But here's my take on it. "Training a baby by the book is a good idea, only you need a different book for each baby".                                                  

Book Review ~ Love On The Everest : Deepthi Ayyagari

Name - Love on the everest Author - Deepthi Ayyagari Pages - 63 pages Genre - Adventure, Romance Format - Kindle Ratings - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ . . The book is about the boy Sid who loves adventures. He is the only child to the family. They have a business running across many places and need not to worry for earning. His grandfather introduced him to mountaineering and he instantly got connected to it. And, while growing up he started part in various expeditions and that's where the thought of 'Everest' takes birth before he gets "settle down". 🍂 During the climbing mission, fate showed it's hand and he fell in love with the Sherpani, the woman who was his guide in this treacherous climb. But fate, again played it's game. 🍂 What happens this point forward is better to explore in the story. Review - 1. Strong and crisp grammar, good vocab in such a short read is really appreciable. 2. The author has done a commendable job at writing the book in boy's persp

The Girl With Blue Eyes ~ Vaiibhav Nigam

Name - The Girl With Blue Eyes Author - Vaiibhav Nigam Pages - 204 pages Genre - Romance, Fiction, Mystery Format - Paperback Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ . . It's a mystery thriller read. Armaan, a rich spoilt brat falls in love her classmate Tanisha at first sight. Despite being exact opposites of each other, they manages to keep their relationship alive. Eventually, they develop compatibility issues. The plot twists when Armaan met with an accident which changed his life completely. After searching for her anxiously, he finally manages to find her but she is not Tanisha but 'Rutvi' who also has blue eyes. Without his knowledge, he's in dual relationship which he thought is only one. Will it rake up his ordinary world? Review - The plot is strong as it has ability to hook a person to finish in one sitting. The cover and title catches attention. One cannot ignore it's beauty as it aptly matches with each other. Author has successfully kept the suspense till the end, perfe